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(Due to the personal nature of our program, we keep our client's identities confidential)

"Thanks again for the assistance with your program over the last twelve weeks, it was invaluable for me.


I found that it was structured in a way that got me to think differently about a lot of things and really made sense to me in the end, whilst not overwhelming me with too much content at once.


The different exercises kept me thinking and engaged throughout the process. The different Modules also reinforced Life Values that can easily be neglected as we move through Life but are still current and need to be respected.


In my case I believe that it was more a Mental change I required and the course has certainly achieved that. 


I appreciate the help, advice, and your understanding of certain situations through your previous experiences, good luck with your future clients and I will not hesitate to recommend your program to others."


"The change that I’ve experienced is, upon reflection, difficult to comprehend. I struggle to imagine what was going through my mind in those days. It feels like a lifetime ago and whilst it will always be a dark part of my history it often feels like it wasn’t me at all.


The level of focus I’ve been able to achieve these past 6 months is something I value dearly. The clarity that I have now allows me to make good decisions and make them swiftly. I am starting to amass colleagues and associates who, not only respect me, but also back me both with their time and their money.

My relationship with my wife is a stark contrast to what it was 6 months ago, and my relationship with my children is nothing but strong- I love them so dearly.


This program has completely shifted my perspective on life. I have come to enjoy my journalling and find myself missing it when I don’t do it.

I am finding my skills & fitness developing at a rate of knots in my boxing class and I attribute that to my clarity, my better diet, my drinking less but most of all by staying clean!


When I came to this program, I had a business & family that were both on the edge, starving for my attention. I had not much money to my name, a big creditors ledger, no properties in my name and I was on the verge of losing everything I worked towards since I began my career.


I now have such a happy family, 3 properties with good debt to asset ratio and a thriving business with more work coming in than it has ever seen! 


I am eternally grateful to my past self for picking up the phone, owning up to my problems, and finding Graeme & Reset My Future!


"Thank you for the opportunity to touch base with you regarding [name witheld]'s progress.


Firstly, I would like to thank you for accepting him into the program as it showed me that you could see the potential in him that we knew was there for him to make this commitment to change.


I have seen that the program has taught him a new way of living both personally and professionally.  He now enjoys being at home and spending time with us,  he looks forward to having family dinners and visiting his sister and brother in law, and is looking forward to becoming an uncle next month. 


He really enjoys seeing his friends and I think the friendships he has with them are also different and evolved into a deeper and more meaningful bond. He is now "with us" when he is around us and often hugs me before he goes to work which is so lovely as he has never been someone who does that.


His commitment to his routines and physical exercise is also so good to see- he was always interested in health and exercise and it's the one thing I saw deteriorate in the early days.

I often tell him how well he looks- because its true !... those sparkling blue eyes say it all!!!


I think professionally he has really stepped up to the mark.  The pressure of work has pushed him many times and there have been times when I have worried that it was too much for him and that he might relapse- however I am glad I was proven wrong, and it's only because of what he has learned from you that this has happened. 


He has expressed his concern that he is coming to the end of his 12 weeks, and that he is feeling "sad" that it is finishing. I have mentioned that the ongoing support from you is always available and that he can contact you if he needs.  He really enjoyed completing the modules and scheduled catch-ups with you and he often said "They just get me!.


I hope that he will continue to reach out to you regularly.


Finally, we wish to thank you Graeme and the team for all you have done for him in the past 3 months, and in turn for us as parents. We started with little knowledge about substance use and abuse and have learned a lot about ourselves as a family unit. He strives for perfection and often sets his goals so high for himself, I can see those goals are now not so high and are achievable with effort and commitment each day.


I hope that he will continue to touch base with you, as he proceeds forward into life as a new and improved version of himself.


Thanks again,


"Thank you for all the support throughout the program and for being understanding of the hardships faced when battling addiction.

I'm grateful for the strategies the program has provided me and the way it has transformed my future. I'm looking forward to a more positive future with my family.

Thank you Reset My Future for everything you have done!"


"The Reset My Future program has drastically changed my life around. The program has taught me personal life and business skills that I now use and will continue to use throughout my path in life.

Some of those include;

- tricks and tips on how to beat cravings and urges of substances

- a clear breakdown and understanding of all the damage caused by using and abusing substances

- how to see things differently and look at life from a positive and uplifting perspective

- it has taught me to be humble happy and grateful

- given me personal and business goals to work towards

- and most importantly, the program has had the most profound impact on my self-worth, morals and values.


I started the program wanting to “prevent” myself from “developing” a drink and drug issue, not seeing or admitting I already had one. I also had doubts about the program. For the first couple of weeks, I laughed at the simplicity of the urge busters and regretted getting myself into the program. Regardless I made a promise to myself to give it my all. I stuck it through and to my surprise, the cravings became less and less and things in my life began to change and shift around.

I am now so grateful for being open to giving this program a shot, as it has honestly turned my life in a completely different direction.

Not only can I now see it for myself, but I am constantly reminded by everyone around me how much I have changed in 12 weeks. I never believed the Reset My Future program would impact me the way it has, I honestly didn't.

* Money I have and will continue to save is ridiculous.

* I get out of bed every day feeling whole and motivated.

* My physical health and appearance have improved drastically.

* I now have a different direction and vision in my personal and business life.

* I'm confident again, I feel sharp and constantly on the ball.

* I now spend quality time with my daughter and Family.

* My reputation in my personal and business life has drastically increased.

* I have learned to handle being under pressure in an efficient and effective way.

* My mind and body now run at a prime level for continuous growth.


I never understood how consuming drugs and alcohol really impacted my life. My outlook has changed and I feel like a completely different person. I now look at drugs and alcohol as a massive burden to my life. The amount of momentum this program has helped me gain is phenomenal. I have achieved so much over the last 12 weeks and I am super grateful for all of the teams' help and support. I am sad to say goodbye to the program as it has helped me so much.

Great Work- I Really Mean It !


"Firstly I would like to say thank you for guiding, teaching, and helping [name witheld] make big changes over the past 3 months. 


These are some of the changes I have noticed clearly in him… 


- He is definitely more present than he has ever been before. 

- He is no longer selling himself short, by this I mean, he is showing his amazing abilities and intelligence every day at work, rather than just some days. 

- He is valuing his family more and the time he spends with them.

- I am finally starting to trust him and I no longer have to worry as much I as used to. 

- I can see him finding enjoyment in the little things again, this makes me most happy when I see him finding joy in walking the dog, being at home, spending time with his parents, watching a movie with me etc. 

- I believe he has put a lot of effort and thought into these past 3 months, he has proved to me that he really wanted to change for the better. I am happy he has made these changes, not for me, but for himself because he deserves this. 


Thanks RMF. I hope he continues to touch base with you as you are a great mentor and have many words of wisdom to offer."




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